About Us – Promac PH

Maclin Electronics, Inc. was established in 1963. The research and development of the company are all done by a group of ingenious local engineers and technicians who have mastered their skills to design entertainment appliances suitable for the local market.

During our early years, our main products were portable transistor radios and radiophonos made of wooden cabinets. These were designed and crafted by local technicians.

By mid-seventies, we expanded into radio cassette players and electric fans as plastic material became more mainstream.

By early nineties, we strengthened our presence in entertainment audio-visual appliances by launching mini-components, karaoke sound systems and TV sets (both black & White and Colored). We also re-branded ourselves to PROMAC to signify the professional quality of our Maclin products.

Today, we are proud of Promac’s comprehensive appliance portfolio ranging from LED and LCD televisions, speakers, mini-components, karaokes, radios, lighting systems, and others.